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County Science and Technology Bureau led the expert group to the company to carry out pilot projects in the medium-term acceptance


        September 27, 2016, Deqing County Bureau of Science and Technology Organization of acceptance of the Group of Experts on the new materials, Zhejiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Rand commitment: "green catalytic chemistry and natural medicine achievements into the test base" project for medium-term acceptance, Board of experts led by the acceptance group attended the meeting. The meeting was presided by the county science and Technology Bureau, Shen Kechang, Rand Technology Renxu Hua, general manager of the report, the group heard in detail the basis of the report Hill, conducted a field trip. After full discussion, unanimously through the medium-term acceptance.

              County Science and Technology Bureau presided over the meeting

Rand Technology Ren Xuhua, general manager of the acceptance report

Rand Technology Ren Xuhua, general manager of the group led the field trip